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Dear Busy Entrepreneur,

Maybe you’ve been in business for a while but you didn’t take the time to make sure your legal or business foundation was solid. You may have jumped in, followed your passion and started a business and now you’re realizing there are some business basics that need to be addressed. Or perhaps your dreaming of starting you own business and you don’t know where to start. Being at this “stuck spot” has kept you from moving forward because you need support to guide you along path to business success.

That’s exactly why I created Business Brilliance University™ to be the only Virtual Incubator to help you succeed no matter where you are in your business journey. Our goal is to make sure your business has a solid foundation and can support the development, growth and expansions plans that are a vital part of doing business the right way.

I also know that you get bombarded daily with sales pitches from the business "gurus" of the moment and get overwhelmed with where to start or who to listen to, since everyone claims they have the magic bullet. The truth is there are no magic bullets. There are only good solid business fundamentals to help grow a business that will be sustainable and that will grow through the years. More importantly, Business Brilliance University™ will put protection mechanisms in place so your business won't be subject to undue risk or market forces.

Because I suspect you’re tired of all the hype out there – I know I am—I’m not going to inundate you with any fluff. You’ll find everything you need to know about how Business Brilliance University™ was designed just for your business.

To Your Brilliance,

Jessica Eaves Mathews

How Business Brilliance University™
Benefits You and Your Business

Lisa Manyon"If you are serious about your business you NEED to be serious about protecting your assets and setting up the right legal and business foundations to ensure success. BBU™ offers the right information to make sure the business you build is really yours from start to finish (and it you don't make all the right moves, it might not be)."

~ Lisa Manyon, Marketing Consultant & Copywriting Strategist

When you become a part of the BBU™ community, you will have access to an unprecedented resource that will take the guesswork and stress out of making sure your business is set up to thrive. We have every step covered, and will show you how to navigate the sometimes confusing, sometimes frustrating, sometimes expensive process of building a business the right way.

BBU™ is the antidote to all the “noise” that is out there today. Sales pitches and offers likely come your way daily, via your inbox and social media. And some of these pitches are very persuasive. But they all claim to have that “magic bullet” that will be what you need to finally find clarity, success and increased revenues. It can be amazingly confusing to know which programs will help, which will hurt and which are just not worth your time or hard-earned money. That is where we come in. No longer will you have to sort through the sales pitch “noise.” Every expert on the BBU™ faculty has been carefully screened and hand-selected based on their own success in the real world of business and because of the quality of what they teach. You finally have a way to discern who is the real deal and who isn’t. And every expert you will ever need for business success is right here in the Business Brilliance University™.

Inside BBU™, you will have a huge range of choices for getting your business set up or strengthened for success.

Phil Dyer"I have advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners on strategic planning, financial and tax challenges since 1996 and am constantly amazed at how many otherwise smart, dedicated and passionate business owners don't have a strong legal and business foundation in place!  Not having the right business entity, properly drafted contracts, up-to-date employment contracts and appropriate legal protections in place from the start can cost you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars,  hundreds of hours of lost productivity and even put you out of businesses.  The guidance and resources contained within BBU™ is absolutely top-notch, will save you tons of time and the investment is less than what 2 hours of time with a top business attorney will cost.  If you are a serious entrepreneur, BBU™ is a must!"

~ Phil Dyer, CFP®, RLP®, CPCC, America’s Entrepreneur Strategist™

Dr. Robert Fenell"As a physician, I am acutely aware of the importance of having protection in place for all of my business needs. BBU offers small businesses the necessary tools to operate confidently without worrying about the what ifs. With BBU™ the what ifs are taken care of!"

~ Dr. Robert Fenell

5 Ways BBU Will Help Your Business

Business Brilliant Incubator™
A step-by-step weekly program that walks you through exactly how to start or strengthen your business, including how to claim your name, set up your entity, obtain a trademark, set up relationships with clients and vendors for success and much more. You will also have access to all the legal forms and templates you will need for each step in the process, and we can help you find just the right lawyer to help you if you decide you need a customized experience.

BBU Course Library™
The BBU Courses™ have been carefully designed to give you just the information you need on a range of topics, from how to set up a coaching business, to how to protect your intellectual property and much, much more. There are over 19 course modules dealing with every conceivable issue that is critical to having your business set up the right way. And you also have access to BBU™ Expert Faculty on these topics through their BBU Master Classes™, BBU TV™ and the interactive forum.

BBU Legal Library™
Inside the BBU Legal Library™, you will find easy to understand and affordable information on how to get your legal issues resolved quickly and without having to hire an expensive business lawyer. But if you desire a more customized approach to your legal work, we can refer you to talented attorneys who are ready to help address your specific questions and concerns.

BBU Master Classes™
As a member of BBU™, you will have exclusive access to an entire library of Master Classes taught by BBU approved expert faculty.  The roster of BBU faculty is truly a list of who’s who in the entrepreneurial world and BBU™ members have access to their brilliance and guidance in a format not before seen for small businesses.  BBU members will be able to access BBU Master Classes™ in two ways.  First, there will be a robust “on-demand” library of courses offered by our experts.

Exactly what you need exactly when you need it.  Second, each month we will have a resident expert faculty member who will teach a training course for the BBU™ community and will be available in the “Ask the Expert” forum to answer your specific questions about their area of expertise. 

BBU TV™ - How to Become Brilliant at Your Business (learn from the Masters)
BBU™ insightful and entertaining interviews with inspiring, über successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders about their journeys in launching and loving their businesses!

You'll hear about their struggles and challenges, triumphs and victories, and the lessons they've learned on the road to success. And each month, we will have new interviews and training by more incredible experts.

These stories are told by people who have been there and done that. They have faced many of the same challenges as you have. They know what it's like to start with nothing more than a dream and grow it into something bigger than they ever imagined. 

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or are launching your first business, our experts' stories will inspire you, move you and push you to set your business up right and keep going no matter where you are in your own journey. 

Meet the Masters - Our BBU™ Experts & Faculty

ali brownAli Brown

lisa manyonLisa Manyon

carmen cokerCarmen Coker

jessica eaves mathewsJessica Eaves Mathews

michele dekinder smithMichele DeKinder Smith

sheri mcconnellSheri McConnell

phil dyerPhil Dyer

mike michalowiczMike Michalowicz

kiyla fennellKiyla Fenell

james rocheJames Roche

laura hollickLaura Hollick

judi sandrockJudi Sandrock

linda jonesLinda P. Jones

heather schuckHeather Schuck

angela jia kimAngela Jia Kim

kelly tottenKelly Totten

star ladinStar Ladin

mitch tublinMitch Tublin

liz langeLiz Lange

joe wallinJoe Wallin

jennifer longmoreJennifer Longmore


Courtney Parks"I've gotten a lot of conflicting information about the right steps for my business and have sometimes shied away from certain foundational aspects because I've been nervous about doing something wrong. With BBU™, I have no doubt that my business will be structured and supported properly. Jessica has such a wealth of knowledge, experience, confidence and understanding (both from the legal and the business owner perspective) that I trust BBU™ to keep me on track!"

~Courtney Parks, MA, CPCC,

Laura Hollick"I have been working as an artist for over a decade, but had not taken the business side of things seriously until the past few years. I started noticing my students were using the creative processes I had developed in their practices. At first I was flattered and then realized that I needed to take care of my business in a more professional way and ensure full ownership over everything. Now, Soul Art is register trademarked and I actively work to create/maintain a solid legal foundation to support the big vision of my business. The more I take care of the legal foundation the more empowered I feel!"

~Laura Hollick,

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BBU™ Course Library – Everything you need to launch and run a successful business
BBU™ Bookstore – Suggested reading and our top picks for the best in business and personal development books
BBU™ Legal Library – Courses, videos and templates designed to give you the tools you need to run your business legally
BBU™ TV – Learn from more than 20 masters of business and hear their success stories in this brand new Web TV series
Exclusive interactive forums including discussion boards and our “Ask the Lawyer” and “Ask the Expert” sections
Subscription to BBU™ Campus Digest, a weekly ezine with information and updates about what’s happening on campus and what you can look forward to
Access to articles from our experts. Expand your brilliance with regular articles from our resident experts giving you the know-how you need for continued success

Kiyla Fenell"Nothing is sweeter than laying your head on the pillow at night knowing that you have done everything in your power to run your business ethically, legally and protected. Do business the right way. Join BBU™ for all of your business foundation solutions. You'll sleep better because of it!"

~ Kiyla Fenell

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Star Lee Ladin"BBU is  the support and the guidance that has been long overdue for
entrepreneurs.  Jessica has a brilliance, clarity of purpose and is on a
mission. Her work is imperative, far reaching in the most meaningful way!
Business Brilliance University is business basic and I am proud to be a part
of the staff"

~ Star Lee Ladin

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